Jorge Matos Alves

Born in Lisbon in 1958. Graduated in Architecture from the Fine Arts College of the Lisbon University (in portuguese, ESBAL) in 1981. Postgraduated in Urban Planning from ESBAL in 1984. Began his professional career as student at Architect João Luis Carrilho da Graça Atelier in 1979. From then on he worked in several ateliers: Atelier César Costa, Ldª, Atelier Rebello de Andrade & Espírito Santo Arquitectos Associados, Ldª, Architect António Pereira da Silva, Luís Casal Ribeiro and José Sá da Bandeira Architecture and Urbanism Atelier, Lisbon City Hall Olisiponenses Studies Bureau, Atelier Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos, Ldª Created Atelier MA Arquitectos, Ldª in 1993. Founded Atelier GJP Arquitectos Associados, Ldª in partnership with Gonçalo Rangel de Lima e Pedro Neto Ferreira in 2005.

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